Are You Tired Of Painful Legs And Feet?


Heavy, Tired and Painful Feet and Legs are a Common Symptom of Bartonella

As you probably know or have heard of, bartonella is a co-infection of lyme disease.  Many people have it although I don’t know the percent of people with this co-infection.  One of the symptoms of bartonella is painful legs and feet.  It always amazes me that I wake up in this condition, as if I have been walking many miles in heavy snow while I have been asleep.  Not only does it feel like walking through heavy snow, it also feels as though somehow the bottom of my feet have been clobbered with a heavy object, such as a baseball bat.  One would think that after a night’s rest, your legs and feet would have no excuse for being so tired and painful while taking your first step out of bed.

Depending on what activities I do on any given day, my painful, tired and heavy legs are directly effected.  There are days that cooking dinner is quite a difficult task if I haven’t given my legs plenty of breaks.

I have come across something that I find quite amazing and helpful with this debilitating symptom!  I tried it for the first time today and I am so glad I did!  It is a magnesium oil that I sprayed and massaged directly on to my legs and feet.  Within five minutes, I noticed a decrease in the pain level.  Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer and I certainly benefited from it’s use.

Because this worked so well for me, I am not dreading cooking dinner for my family tonight.  We shall see how long the effects last, but I am totally thrilled with this product.

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